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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Reason Not to Get a DUI

I know, you really do not need another reason not to get a DUI.  Potential jail time, loss of driving privileges, mandatory alcohol treatment all seem good reasons to avoid getting arrested for drinking and driving.

There is another reason why you do not want to be convicted an alcohol related driving offense.  You can never expunge it from your record.

In Maryland, the statute that provides for expungement of criminal records (Md. Ann. Code, Crim. Proc. 10-105) expressly excludes a drunk driving charge ("a violation of 21-902 of the Transportation Article") from being expunged. This means that even a probation before judgment (PBJ) for drunk driving can never be removed from your permanent criminal record.

The reason for this is that a defendant may not get two PBJ's within a ten year period and the State needs to keep records in order to enforce this statute.  However, even if ten or more years has passed you still cannot obtain an expungement.

Bottom line, a drunk driving related charge is always going to stay with you. Another reason not to get a DUI.

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