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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New Law Requires Ignition Interlock Machines to Have Cameras

Effective October 1, Maryland law now requires that drivers required to obtain an ignition interlock have a device equipped with a camera that takes still pictures.

From the Maryland Vehicle Administration:

The camera will capture a still image of the person taking a breath test (it will not record sound or video) at these times:

• When a breath sample is collected when the vehicle is started; 
• When a breath sample is collected during a rolling retest; and 
• If tampering is detected. 

Participants will receive instructions from their Service Provider on how to use the device when it is installed. Images captured by ignition interlock devices will be used by MDOT MVA to ensure program participants comply with program requirements. It is a violation of Maryland law for any person to provide a breath sample for a program participant in order to circumvent an ignition-interlock device

With Maryland expanding the requirements for ignition interlock in DUI/DWI cases, it is imperative that those facing such charges obtain the right equipment. 

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